Shin Woong-jae is a South Korean photojournalist based in New York and Seoul. He majored Linguistics and studied Semiotics at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, before starting photography. His semiotics studies led him to brand marketing, and then he started his career in brand marketing management in 2001.

After ten years of a distinguished career in international brands like Nike and Montblanc, he decided to devote himself entirely to the world of photography, hugely inspired by great photographers like W. Eugene Smith, Eugene Richards, and Werner Bischof. He moved to New York for further study in photojournalism and graduated from the School of the International Center of Photography in 2012. He majored in Documentary and Photojournalism course, and he was awarded the ICP's Director Fellowship during his studies. After graduation, he interned at VII Photo Agency in New York in 2012 and embarked on his photojournalist career from 2013. In his early career, Woong-jae received the  Hillman Foundation Fellowship in 2014 and was selected to Eddie Adams Workshop XXVII in the same year.

As a photojournalist, Woong-jae focuses on human rights issues in the social landscape. He sincerely believes that a well-crafted documentary and photojournalism work can arouse our senses, lead our determination, and inevitably change human society. His subject matters vary from the workers' rights and political protests around the countries to Seoul's social landscape. Among many other projects, Woong-jae followed and developed the victims' story from Samsung Electronics' semiconductor factory for eight years. He raised and shared the victims' voices internationally by publishing it on The Washington Post, and the project contributed to Samsung's public apology to the victims in 2018.

Woong-jae's works on Occupy Wall Street Movement and New York cityscape are curated for group exhibitions and collected by The Museum of the City of New York. While developing long term projects, his versatility has satisfied various clients like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nature, GQ Korea, and Sisa-In of South Korea.

Photojournalist Shin Woong-jae

The portfolio of a South Korean photojournalist Shin Woong-jae. 포토저널리스트 신웅재의 웹 포트폴리오.
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